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Large Selection of Quality Pre-Owned Appliance 

Come on in and take a look at our inventory on Quality Pre-Owned Appliances. Very low pricing and ready to deliver. Don't overpay for appliances at retail. We can save you hundreds! All inventory has been serviced, checked over and tested. We can also set up same day delivery. Buy it today and have it delivered.


All of our refrigerators are plugged in and cold for your inspection. Every appliance we sell comes with a warranty. Our dryers and stoves are plugged in for you to test before you buy.


If you own rental property, we can save you money and keep your renters happy. Inventory changes daily, so call or come in today. We stock all makes and models of appliances. We can help you for any need. And if you are trying to stay in a certain budget, let us know. We never let price get in the way. We are fair and always ready to help our valued customers. Need financing? We have No Credit Check financing. We are here to help you with your appliances needs. 


Wide Selection of Washers

We typically have between 20 to 30 washers in inventory. A wide variety of sizes, colors, brands and styles. All of our washers are thoroughly tested to make sure they fill properly, agitate, spin and drain. Your washing machine will come with a drain hose. Contact us or visit our showroom today and take advantage of our very affordable prices! 

Helpful Tips Before You Buy a Washer

Always measure the area the washer will be placed in. Height, width, and depth. This way the new washer will fit.

We stock the older models and the newer styles. People still love the older models, while other like the front load and agitatorless washing machines. All Pre-Owned Used appliances are tested and come with a warranty. 

Study the difference between digital and analog control panels, digital washers offer more options and use less energy. Manual style washers do not have a control board and can be easier to use. 



We stock a variety of dryers in many sizes, colors, brands. We have both electric and gas. The most common is electric. Dryers come with the correct 3 or 4 prong cord. All of the dryers are cleaned inside, lint removed and fully tested for proper heat settings, drum rotation, timer settings and safety features. We replacing a dryer, make sure to buy a new dryer vent hose. This will prevent fires. 

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Dryer

Before you buy a dryer, consider these questions:  

Make sure you have enough space for the dryer and vent hose. Does your house require a 3 or 4 prong cord? 

Which way should the door open? Make sure it is a left or right opening.  Do you prefer old style dryer or a newer digital machine? Call us for all your needs. 


 Washer Dryer Sets

We stock washer and dryer sets. We have a large selection of set, all makes and models. From older models to the new advanced models. All of our sets are tested and come with a warranty.  


Always make sure you measure the the laundry area the set will go into. You will need space for the washer set and also enough space for the vent hose, the washer hoses and plug in cords. All sets come with a drain hose for the washer and the proper cord for the dryer. 


All Makes & Models of Refrigerators

We stock a large of Pre-Owned Refrigerators. All makes and models. They come in all sizes, styles,  colors and prices. All of the refrigerators are tested. We make sure they are fully functioning with properly working compressors, defrost cycles, fans, thermostats, drains, and maintaining proper refrigerator and freezer temperatures.  All refrigerators are fully tested and come with a warranty. We have between 15 and 25 refrigerators on the showroom floor. Come on in and look at the current inventory. We can save you hundreds of dollars off retail. 


All Makes and Models of Stoves

We stock a variety of makes and models of stoves, from basic electric coil tops, electric flat top and glass top stoves. They come in colors, styles. Many have features ranging from basic analog stoves to digital stoves that have warming zones, burner in a burner, convection ovens and more. All of the stoves have been tested. Temperature settings, thermostat, burner, bake and broil settings. They are also plugged in and and demonstrated to you prior to purchase. The correct cord is also included, just tell us if you need 3 or 4 prong. Call us or stop on in so we can help you selecting a Quality Pre-Owned Stove.

All makes and models of Quality Pre-Owned Appliances, We are here to save you money!

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